Carols & Chant

Cynthia Clawson

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Cynthia Clawson has recorded a Christmas project that has, at its core, the joy associated with Christmas and a strong emphasis on the mystery of the birth of Jesus. Her friend, accompanist, and musical arranger, Bruce Greer, presented this music to her last year as a Christmas gift, all neatly bound and ready to record. The project was recorded in Dallas at Verge Music Works Studio with sound engineer Martin Baird. He told Cynthia and Bruce about new computer software that was able to recreate, with the most amazing precision, the reverberation in different great rooms around the world. He, through the miracle of new recording techniques, was able to place Cynthia’s voice in one of the great cathedrals of theworld, Notre Dame. Cynthia and Bruce produce the only sounds heard on the recording. What seems like a choir of solemn, pious monks devoted to worshiping through chant, or later the sound of a choir of sweet nuns singing from pure adoration, is none other than the voices of Cynthia Clawson and Bruce Greer, contemporary Christians creating out of sheer delight.

They weave the holiness of Gregorian chant with the tender familiarity of Christmas carols into a warm blanket for the Child about whom they sing. This offering of music and adoration lifts the listener’s spirit and reminds them of winding streets in an ancient town in Palestine, hillsides where flocks of sheep huddled against the cold night wind, and skies shimmering with dazzling colors, angels' songs, joy, and the sweet mystery of the advent of the Messiah!

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