See Me, God

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When people speak of Cynthia's work, the word intimacy is often used, and this is arguably her most intimate recording to date. For those who have seen a concert with Cynthia and her superb accompanist Bruce Greer and wanted to take home that experience, this is the recording for you. Cynthia is at her most inspiring as she continues to offer comfort. The album is mature and hopeful as it dares to ask questions and seek answers for those on a journey of spiritual growth.

The artistry and melding of talents is stunning. Preview listeners declared that it was like being in Cynthia’s living room as she sang, others said it was more like being in her mind as she was so honest and open in her lyrics, and in her performances. Cynthia has dared to make music, ask questions, and declare faith in a troubled world. This album is a beautiful and brave undertaking for this seasoned artist who, like a rare violin, gets richer with age.

This new release has found the gospel "in disguise" by many writers from Tom Waits to Stephen Sondheim. She has included her trademark hymns interspersed throughout the CD to offer direction to the questions that we face. In Tom Wait’s moving song, Georgia Lee, he ponders where God was when a little girl was murdered. It is followed on the CD by a haunting instrumental of Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child with Cynthia then singing Prayer for Peace – words by St. Francis, music by Buryl Red.

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