The Way I Feel

Cynthia Clawson

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It was an earlier time when the whole world was full of new beginnings and the possibilities of making records was a dream coming true for Cynthia Clawson. Buryl Red was her brilliant producer who spoke in pauses long enough to drive a truck through, but during those pauses he was formulating musical delights for her to express. This album is still so relevant that it amazes the listener at its freshness. Cynthia Clawson and her husband wrote the powerful opening song, The Journey, as a genuine plea for divine assistance as they started their lives together as fellow artists on the road to who knew where.

It was a time of travel and advancing a budding career and each song had an impact on where Cynthia was physically and spiritually. She had already established that she was a unique interpreter of hymns of her faith and it was evident in the new setting by Raymond Brown for William Cowper’s words, Sometimes a Light Surprises. Her beloved friend, Raymond, gave her another song that expressed the way she felt with his new setting of Softly and Tenderly. It sealed their relationship as writer and singer. He went on to accompany her for a decade before he died prematurely. On this collection, he collaborated with Ragan Courtney to write one of Cynthia’s most requested songs, I Heard About a Man. Adding to the theatrical feel of this recording were the songs by the talented writer, George Gagliardi. He wrote the happy song, A Brand New Song, and the provocative piece, His Music, that keeps returning between the selections to tie the collection together.

In thirty years this has been Cynthia’s most requested album. The way Cynthia feels is obviously hopeful and faithful. This recording is a source of encouragement. Today it still stands out as a creative and fresh way to use music to proclaim one’s faith.

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